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    Social perception and attribution processes affect operations

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    Please answer the questions referring to attached case study.
    1. Using the descriptions of different behaviors, attitudes, and abilities that Deloitte seems to deem desirable in its applicants, describe the key personality characteristics that you think the company is seeking in its employees? Explain the reasoning behind your answer.

    2. How might the characteristics of the perceiver, the target, and the situation affect the social perceptions that employers like Deloitte likely have regarding participants in the Teach First program?

    3. What attributions are prospective employers like Deloitte likely making regarding participants in the Teach First program? Why are employers making these attributions?

    4. How can the use of personality and vocational interest testing benefit Deloitte? What risks might be associated with Deloitte's use of these testing devices?

    5. How might social perception and attribution processes factor into the operation of the Deloitte Career Connections (DCC) program?

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    According to Deloitte, they require a person with few but very important characteristics for the growth of their firm. Analytical skills are required by such a firm, characteristics of someone who is goal oriented, team work, consulting skills, easy going person, one who perseveres, open to experience and bright mind i.e. it recruits only three percent of the top graduating classes that are able to learn fast enough. The reason for this is because, Deloitte first recruits individuals that are talented and they do not teach leadership, entrepreneurial, initiative or managing people, but train people who would make great impacts in a few years. In this, one can observe that Deloitte focuses on quality. Thus the reason they would go for a goal oriented individual who is able to help turn around a failing school within two years.

    The perceiver may in this case see things differently because; perceivers need to have past experience, personality, values and attitudes, which may influence the perception process. Here, the employers in Deloitte are likely to have a negative perception from the society especially regarding the ...

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    Social perception and attribution processes affect operations are determined. The prospective employers are given. The characteristics of the perceive, the target, and the situation affect the social perceptions is determined.