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    several different levels of evaluation

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    Six positions are categorized into several different levels of evaluation... The Store Manager and Department Manager would fall in the management level. The front line customer service level would consist of the Cashier and Bagger. The Stock Person would be labeled as the back-end worker. Lastly, at the mid-level employee position there would be the Specialty Department Worker.

    I need help on creating a single performance appraisal appropriate to evaluate each level of the job classifications, least five competencies or skills that relate to the specific level that define each job classification and including a weighting system that will evaluate each of the five competency's performance for the specific position. Also, describe how the output of this performance appraisal will help the supervisor to determine salary increases. Why the particular appraisal method was chosen. Include how team performance appraisals would be conducted to appropriate departments. Also a review of the relationship between the monetary, non-monetary, and benefits or special services offered in an organization.

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