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    Research types and use for business problems or opportunities

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    (a) What types of research are conducted in your work environment (or other organizational setting with which you are familiar)? Briefly describe two or three examples.

    (b) Describe a business problem or opportunity that your organization is considering where business research would improve the quality of the decision.
    What business research process could be used to find a solution to your selected problem or opportunity?
    What is the most likely and/or most desirable change or outcome? What variable(s) will be measured?

    (c) What makes a sample "random"? There are several ways to conduct a random sample.
    Provide two examples of how you could randomly select subjects at work or in your community using systematic, stratified, or cluster sampling.

    (d) Sometimes it is necessary to use a non-random sample. Provide an example of why and how you would use convenience, purposive, or snowball sampling.

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    Types of research conducted in a work environment with examples.
    1. Survey research
    This is a research method in which information is gathered from a sample of people by use of a questionnaire or interview. It is a method of data collection that makes use of a representative sample of respondents (Zikmund, 2003).
    a) A university conducted a survey to determine students' reaction on a computerized enrolment system. A researcher-made questionnaire was made and students were asked to fill in and provide answers to questions related to their feedback on the school's enrolment system. The results were used by the school in further improving its enrolment system - to determine its strengths and weaknesses, for the good of the students and other stakeholders.
    b) A car manufacturing company conducted a survey to determine the parts of a car that customers like most and the part that they hate or least like. This could be a way of determining better ways to meet customers' expectations.
    2. Experimental research. This is a research method to determine effects and causal relationships. In this method, conditions are controlled while one or more variables are manipulated in order to test a ...

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