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Reproductive Processes of the Organization

Reproductive processes are one of the secrets of corporate America. Being able to replicate the same process continuously, produce a specific product or service consistently and adjust to new conditions after each cycle of replication has always been the profit generator of American business. Small operations very adept at innovation are the seedbeds of valuable ideas, but rarely are small entrepreneurial efforts able to capture the value on a large scale and (just as importantly) redistribute the value along the supply chain in an equitable fashion. That requires organizations with the competencies to take an innovation, systematize the acquisition and storing of inputs, perform the processes towards the finished product or service, and assess the output appropriately to actually capture value and redistribute the value in an equitable fashion back into the supply chain.

If we apply the value producing characteristic of reproductive processes to strategic management, what might we look for? Perhaps we wouldn't look for a burst of original ideas, but rather an evolution of strategy processes out of the daily grind. Now that you have looked at the various aspects of strategic thinking being applied in your setting, what type of actions might you look for in your organization that lead to good strategic practice?

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The lecture says that a reproductive process is the secret of business success. The ability of a business to replicate the same process continuously to produce a product or service time and again is the source of profits. For instance, if a firm makes a bar of perfumed bathing soap repeatedly, that production process is a source of profit. Further, the ability of the process to adjust to new conditions leads to substantial profits. For ...

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