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    Purpose and Importance of EPA and FDA

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    As we discover that our own self-interest is highly important in making sound decisions in environmental issues, it's true that if we did not have EPA or FDA, we would be in big trouble: Not only for the humanity of animals but for humans as well. I was reading an article about how the FDA halted the import of 28 drugs from a big name generic company based out of India last year. Although the drugs did not pose any harm presently, the FDA had to reinsure this by testing. If the FDA did not make these decisions many big pharmaceutical companies would be passing anything along to make money, regardless of the effect it will pose on the human body. In regards to the veal example from chapter 5 of our readings, I can personally say that it's sad but true about the calves being snatched young because of the texture of the meat. Veal is very expensive to say the least. A friend's house flooded in upstate NY and he will receive a substantial amount of money from the insurance company because he had veal in his freezer. My friend commented "that he receive more money for the veal than other big ticket items in the house". Explain.

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    Because individuals or agencies often tend to have their own special interests, it became necessary for agencies like the EPA and the FDA to exist. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is charged with regulating such ...

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    A brief discussion about the functions and importance of the EPA and FDA.