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Productivity and Quality

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•From the video, determine how the same focus on quality demonstrated by the Barcelona Restaurant Group could benefit manufacturing operations. Provide specific examples to support your response.

•From the e-Activity, make one solid recommendation for how the organization you researched could become more productive by applying one of the lessons learned in Chapter 18. Explain your rationale.
(Chapter 18: Managing Service and Manufacturing Operations)

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The same focus on quality demonstrated by the Barcelona Restaurant Group could benefit manufacturing operations due to the fact that focusing on quality would help to streamline manufacturing organizations, by eliminating unneeded and unnecessary processes that don't lead to demonstrable improvements in the quality of operations or the products produced. Focusing upon quality could also benefit manufacturing operations by causing manufacturing management to improve the level and quality of the training and education of the staff members within the organization, which would invariably increase the quality and efficiency of manufacturing operations. Focusing upon quality as demonstrated by ...

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