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    Power and Influence

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    1. Motivators
    Motivators can either be positive (as in using a rewards system) or it can be negative (as in the fear of disciplinary action or being fired).

    Think back on your experience and write about an example of each you were subjected to. (We're not talking about things you might have observed; what we want to hear about are occasions when others have tried to
    motivate you using positive and negative means). Which had the greater impact on you? Which produced the better results?
    Do you consider motivation in the workplace an important factor in accomplishing a task or project? Explain.

    2. Power and Influence

    You must have read about five types of power. Again based on your experience, which has had the greatest motivational influence on you? Why? Think of a situation which you did use power or one where you could have used power, briefly describe the situation and say which one you used? or in the case of could have which one do you think would have been most helpful in this situation? Was the result what you wanted? If not then which one might have been better?

    A second thought, is using power and influence a way in your mind to get ahead? Why should you engage in this behavior or why not? Is this ethical in your mind? Why or Why not? Now that you know more about it has the reading influenced you one way or the other?

    3. Groups and Teams

    It is more challenging to motivate a group of people than it is to motivate a single individual. Why do you think that is so? If you were placed in charge of a group or are currently in charge of one, which type of power would you think works best in motivating a group? Why?

    4. Learning

    Learning is about change, and applying newly learned concepts to existing problems or to overcoming barriers. Write about an event in your experience where organizational learning produced change. How do you think this relates to the different theories of learning?

    5. Organizational Decision Making
    What are some of the most effective approaches to organizational decision making that you have seen, used, or experienced? What distinguished these approaches from each other, yet still made them effective?

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    1.I remember when everyone in our unit were offered bonus if we completed the pending order in five days time. We did it in four days. On the other hand there was fear that restructuring may take place and employees may lose their jobs. The result was a slowdown in production. I consider motivation in the workplace an important factor in doing a task or a project because a well motivated workforce completes the project in time and within budget.

    2. The greatest influential power in my mind is referential power. A person who is well known that can fire the imagination of the workers. One situation in which I used ...

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