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Please help with these discussion questions, we will be discussing these in class.

This idea of person-organization fit, the idea that employees are more successful (and happy) in organizations where their personal values are in line with the organization's values, has gotten a lot of research attention over the last two decades or so. Now we're starting to see it filter into practice. There is a new technique that organizations are using to let prospective employees get to know what life is really like in their companies.

Check out the MSNBC article at:

Have you ever looked at any of these videos? What do you think from a management POV? Are they effective?

Now, from an applicant POV, would these types of videos give you an indication about how well your personality might fit into a given organization? Would something you learn from one of these videos impact your interest in applying to work at a company?

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Yes, I have looked at one of these videos and found it an interesting alternative to know more about a company, its corporate culture and work environment from the viewpoint of one of its employees. Although i do understand that these videos are solely made for highlight so called "good things" about the company, it does provide a key ...

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The solution discusses the idea of person-organization fit and if they are effective.