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    In case solution 624068
    Can you please look over the background ,assignment and solution on this case? I didn't see Assignment Expectations of the report written Danny Wilco (Below)
    The report should thoroughly address these aspects in depth and breadth:
    • Problem situation: clearly elucidate the problem situation at EBBD
    • Assumptions: what are the assumptions that need to be made and your critical evaluation
    • Solution: What is your solution for Order Quantities? Discuss how you developed the Solver solution. Keep in mind that your audience is not too technical and do not need a lot of detail on this.
    o Make sure you attach the Excel file.
    o You should refer to the Excel file when necessary.
    • Recommendations: what do you propose for EBBD in terms of using this method in the future and for the other product lines?
    • Justification & Explanation: clear reasoning as to why the recommendations were made
    • Writing style & Organization: well-formed sentences and paragraphs, well organized with flow of reason, and good use of language that pertain to concepts and terminology
    • Use of references & citations


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    I've highlighted the assignment expectations in the report. As for Writing style & Organization, that is not something that can be directly addressed, and is instead incorporated throughout the report. Please note that I did not use any references when writing this report; however, I have included a couple if you are interested in learning how Optimization works.

    Report to Danny Wilco

    To: Danny Wilco

    From: Me

    Subject: Quarterly Ordering Decisions


    The problem situation at EBBD:
    The Import Beer product line consists of 10 products. I have developed an optimization model using the Import Beer line as a test case. The model has been presented as an Excel file, and uses the following information:
    • Inventory holding costs (supplied by Accounting)
    • Product costs (supplied by Accounting)
    • Price markups (supplied by Accounting)
    • Quarterly forecast demand for each product
    • Annual holding cost rate (4%)
    • Max cap (190)
    • Inflation ...

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    The expert examines optimizing inventory and transportation EBBD problems. The solution is answered in 576 words. A Word file with the report, and an Excel file with the necessary computations are attached.