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    Nonprofit, Feed the Children, leadership theories

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    Can someone please provide some assistance with this question. Its for an MBA course. This is a major paper and worth a big portion of my grade! And I need to do really good on it. Thank you so much in advance for your help. I really do appreciate it!
    Write a research paper that uses a recognized leadership theory to describe how that leadership theory applies to a nonprofit organization's executive director (CEO). I am interested in having you think about the organizational structure of your nonprofit (or any nonprofit), the staffing, the type of board of directors, and the mission of the organization and then consider a current leadership theory and how it would be helpful in enhancing the leadership capacity of the ED. You will establish a connection between the leadership of your selected nonprofit and a leadership theory you believe to have the potential to strengthen the leadership capacity of your organization.
    Some leadership theories from which you might want to choose are described in these books:
    1. The Leadership Challenge by Kouzes and Posner
    2. Adaptive Leadership by Ronald Heifetz and others
    3. Leaders: Strategies for Taking Charge by Burt Nanus and Warren Bennis
    4. Primal Leadership (Emotional Intelligence) by Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatzes, and Annie McKee
    5. Appreciative Inquiry by David Cooperrider
    This is a research paper and should demonstrate your ability to seek information outside the assigned readings from this class. As graduate students, you are expected analyze material and not simply regurgitate what you have read. You are to use both library and online resources to prepare this work.
    Please submit your assignment in an academic double spaced format. Write your paper in Word. APA 6th Edition format.
    Papers should be at least 4,000 words and no more than 5,000 words. It needs to be double spaced, times roman numeral 12 font.
    Please be sure to have a strong conclusion. Your conclusion should be more than a short review of material covered. You should make your own suggestions, points, and evaluations here.

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    Feed the Children is an organization focusing on resolving the issue of hunger, especially for children. The organization has been in existence for more than three decades, starting in Oklahoma. The Bloomberg Report and Forbes report income (mostly from private donations) of 1.9 billion dollars. While it is a great charity that applies much of its income to the mission of ending hunger for children, it has had many naysayers internally. The management of the company is often considered knee jerk and limited in decision-making capabilities, seldom consulting with other levels of the company for insight and advice.
    Larry Jones, a pastor, and his wife, founded the charity in an effort to make sure children did not go hungry. He led the company for more than three decades, using his face on marketing, transportation, and in other ways to help people recognize the cause. The charity was often cited for its excellence in management and ability to provide the mission clearly and follow through on its promises.
    Leadership theories

    Leadership theory for Feed the Children
    For decades, leadership at Feed the Children was autocratic. Decisions were made by Jones, with little input from others. Certainly no one below the management team was consulted and many decisions ultimately were made to hold or increase power for the founder/CEO. Jones never understood or applied the theories allowing people to make the decisions and be responsible for their jobs. "Titles are granted, but it's your behavior that earns you respect" (Kouzes, Posner, 20 ). It is important for leaders to model their beliefs to provide guidance for their employees. After years of research and interviews with dozens of leaders, Kouzes and Posner (20 ) found that this was what most leaders considered highly rated, said was their personal best leadership experience.
    Company CEO Position
    Larry ...

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