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    1. For you to be able to do anything in life, what are your internal and external motivators?
    2. When is each of these motivators more important?
    3. Overall, which is the most important motivator?
    4. The research concludes that there is a relationship between happiness and motivators. Why is this so?

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    Internal motivators are the motivators that drive us, like personal and professional success, a sense of achievement, a sense of fulfillment, etc. External motivators are the outside motivators that drive us, like money, a bigger house or a nicer car. These are largely dependent on what is important to you. For some, money and prestige are driving forces, while for others, helping others and living modestly are driving forces.

    The motivators that are the most important ...

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    This solution discusses internal and external motivators, relationships between happiness and motivators, and other related issues. All four questions presented are thoroughly discussed.