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    Mergers and acquisitions

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    1.4) What are the two types of affective message strategies? Define both and describe an advertisement that illustrates each.

    2.4) Explain the concepts of severity, vulnerability, and response efficacy in the behavioral response model.

    3.1) List and discuss some guidelines for when forward integration would be a particularly good strategy to pursue.

    3.2) Name and discuss at least six reasons for performing mergers or acquisitions

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    1.4) What are the two types of affective message strategies? Define both and describe an advertisement that illustrates each.

    The two types of affective message strategies entail resonance and emotional strategies, which both are geared towards ensuring that a customer becomes invested into a product by appealing to their emotive feelings wherein the objective is to elicit a positive response from the consumer that will emanate from their feelings. Some examples could entail using puppies, animals, or other cute props to draw the consumer in through the use of emotional strategies that seek to appeal to a person's emotional disposition. These strategies are focused on ensuring that consumers "like" a product, and if a person likes the product, the objective is to provide an appeal that can resonate with a person's own personal experiences in life. Emotional appeals are only effective if the person has an emotional attachment from previous experiences, and therefore, the objective of this strategy is to ensure that the appeal can tap into past experiences that allow the consumer to establish stronger emotional ties between the product and themselves. In conclusion, the objective of both emotional and resonance strategic approaches is placated upon instilling trust in the consumer while eliciting a strong sense of commitment and bond to the product through previous experiences that can exploit the person's emotions. A puppy chow commercial that uses both has "actual" dog owners whose dogs have suffered from some form of illness, and the brand's dog food is supposedly good in fiber, nutritional supplements, etc. The dog owner cries in the advertisement while speaking about how important their dog is to them, which connects with dog owners on an emotional level while resonating with them in regard to their own personal experiences with illnesses in their dogs, which equates to the dog owners buying this brand of dog food because they see this advertisement while thinking about their ...

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    Mergers and acquisitions are examined. What are the two types of effective message strategies are determined.