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    McDonalds: analysis of the production process

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    McDonalds: analysis of the production process

    1) Describe the production process observed
    2) Identify the customer expectations for the service and product
    3) State your opinion concerning the process effectiveness, efficiency, and measurements
    4) Make recommendations for improving the process
    5) How are in-store orders taken?
    6) Are the hamburgers prepared to order, or are they prepared ahead of time and delivered from a storage bin?
    7) How are special orders handled?
    8) How are the hamburgers cooked?
    9) How are the hamburgers assembled?
    10) Is a microwave oven used in the process?
    11) How are other common items, such as French fries and drinks, handled?

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    Fast Food Restaurant: McDonalds


    The Production Process of McDonalds is very effective and fast. 70% or more Restaurants of McDonalds are Owned and Operated by individual people all over the world. McDonalds produces a large range of Fast Food Items. The Production Process of the Company gives highest priority to the production of High Quality Products. The Company uses same Production Process in all its Franchisees. The Production Formula of the Company is very easy for the cooks. Very effective and Advanced Technology based equipments and utensils are used in the Production Process which are easy to handle and operate (McDonalds, 2009).


    As the Restaurant is very popular Fast Food Restaurant of the World, it has a bulk of customers. The Customers of the Restaurant include both Middle and High Class People. The expectations of the customers for the services and products of the Company are very high. The Customers want Healthy Food with more nutrients and balance diets. The customers want fast service at the counters of the restaurants. The customers want convenient space to move within the campus. The cleanliness is another factor expected by the customers. The other customer's expectations include separate space for the parties.


    The Production Process of the company is very effective and efficient as well as highly standardized. It uses an Identical Production Formula at all its franchisees. Provision of the high and best quality fast food products is ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 952 Words, APA References