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    Fast Food Restaurants Overview

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    I had to visit two fast food restaurants that make hamburgers. Being that I do not eat fast food this is kind of hard for me to do and was wondering if I could get some help. Thanks. Below are the questions that I need to answer.

    1. Describe the production process observed

    2. Identify the customer expectations for the service and product.

    3. State your opinion concerning the process effectiveness, efficiency, and measurements

    4. Make recommendations for improving the process.

    5. Answer the 7 questions below that pertain to the fast food hamburger restaurants that were chosen.

    A. How are in-store orders Taken?
    B. Are the hamburgers prepared to order, or are they prepared ahead of and delivered from a storage bin?
    C. How are special orders handled?
    D. How are hamburgers assembled?
    E. How are hamburgers cooked?
    F. is a microwave oven used in the process?
    G. How are common items, such as french fries and drinks, handled?

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    Describe the production process observed.

    Sonic: When orders are placed, it appears on a screen. Burgers are placed on the grill, slightly thawed and cooked to done. Burgers are then put on buns with ordered condiments and accompaniments. A limited number of burgers are kept in a small refrigerated area before being cooked. The burgers are then wrapped and placed in the bag by the waitress and delivered with rest of order which is gathered by the waitress.

    McDonald's: When are orders are placed it appears on a screen. The cashier chooses the bottom burger from the appropriate slot and puts it in the bag with other ordered items. For a special order, the cook gets the information on the screen and the cashier reiterates the special order if it is taking too long. The burgers are usually cooked or nearly fully cooked and the burger is made from those waiting.

    2. Identify the customer expectations for the service and product.

    The customer expects at Sonic to get the burger within a short amount of time, allowing for cooking and expects also to receive it with correct additions.

    At McDonald's the customer expects to get ...

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    Comparing two fast food restaurant processes for getting a burger and order to customer.