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    Mattel Case Study: Duty Ethics

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    *Disclaimer* This isn't a request for a finished assignment. I am asking for clarity regarding duty ethics and the Mattel case study.

    Sethi, S., Veral, E., Shapiro, H., & Emelianova, O. (2011). Mattel, Inc.: Global manufacturing principles (GMP) - A life-cycle analysis of a company-based code of conduct in the toy industry. Journal of Business Ethics, 99(4), 483-517. Retrieved from ProQuest.

    *If you do not have access to ProQuest, please use the following link: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/225371400_Mattel_Inc_Global_Manufacturing_Principles_GMP_-_A_Life-Cycle_Analysis_of_a_Company-Based_Code_of_Conduct_in_the_Toy_Industry

    In applying duty ethics to the Mattel case:

    1.Briefly (1-2 paragraphs) describe what is meant by duty ethics.

    2.Choose two ethical issues raised by the Mattel case (e.g., Mattel's treatment of company employees would be a good choice of ethical issues).

    3.Apply duty ethics to your two Step 2 choices. How does use of duty ethics as a lens inform the ethical nature of your two choices? Remember that duty ethics concerns duty and rights, so be sure to address both in your written analysis.

    4.Be sure to include at least two sources from the library to support your discussion and analysis.

    5.Be sure that you properly cite your sources using proper APA style, and use proper in-text citations.

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    Step 1
    Duty ethics means ethics are concerned with what people do and not with the consequences of their actions. This means doing the right thing, and doing it because it is the right thing to do. Similarly, do not do wrong things and wrong things should be avoided because they are wrong (a). This means that only action done out of duty or from duty have moral worth.
    This form of ethics is called deontological ethics. In normative ethics, deontology judges the morality of a deed based on compliance to a rule or rules. Deontological ethics means compliance with duty, obligation, and rules. The entity is morally bound to its duty. Nobody can justify an action against his duty by showing that the action produced good consequences. Duty based ethics means sticking to principles (a).

    Step 2
    One ethical issue raised by the Mattel case is the Mattel treatment of company employees.. After Mattel implemented GMP, the employees were exposed to chemical ...

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