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Literature Review: Motivating People to Exercise

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A Literature Review is the first major portion of a research study paper.

Frequently a review of the literature is a standalone paper, and it will be until it is incorporated into the final research paper. A review of the literature details what is known about a particular subject. There is a bias toward new information and the newest studies in the field being examined. After collecting and reviewing the available articles and studies on a subject, a review of the literature will typically summarize that literature in a manner that sets up the Problem Statement.

The Problem Statement section of a research study paper identifies and discusses what is not known in the academic or professional literature. These are not necessarily huge or difficult questions. For example:
-A national company with a store in your community may have a Webpage that discusses all it does for communities, or the environment, or keeping prices low. A research study might question people in your community to identify whether the people in your community, based on the sample studied, recognize what that company claims to do.
- A company might know that college towns are good for the movie theater business, but not know if a specific college town can support one more theater, so will actually count how many people walk into a potential competitor's theater in that town to gauge customer demand.
-People may know that paper, plastic, and metal can be recycled. People may even know how to recycle those materials. But do people know that computers can be recycled? Do they know how or where to recycle computers in your community?

1. Develop a working bibliography. This short paper will require a list of at least five references using APA citation style. Some of these sources will need to come from academic or professional journals.
Others may include company Web pages, newspaper articles, and trade journals.
2. Summarize the research for the review of the literature. As much as possible. You do not need to engage in much synthesis of this material. Quite literally, you can summarize one article in a paragraph or two and then move on to the next article. Make certain to cite your sources using APA citation style both in-text/parenthetically and in a list of references.
3. Create the Problem Statement. Consider why this area of study is important to business or you personally. The Literature Review detailed what is known about this area of study based on other studies, but not specific to your needs, your community, your school, your place of business, or your interests. Identify what you are going to study, why it is important, and why it needs to be known or, at least, why it is worth your time to study it for this paper!
4. Develop an introduction and conclusion.
5. Finalize the references.

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Problem Statement:
Currently 35.9 percent of adults age 20 years and over are obese, and an addition 33.3 percent of adults are overweight (Centers for Disease Control, 2012). Being overweight is not healthy and can lead to chronic disease. The community center in town would like to motivate adults to get active to help reduce this problem but is not sure how to motivate people to exercise.

I am going to study the motivation tools that encourage people to start exercise and if these tools can be manipulated to increase community interest in exercise and stimulate longtime engagement.

Our local community center has targeted certain issue that are of concern to the health and welfare of our community, in an effort to better serve our community members. One of these issues is the prevalence of obese and overweight people in the community. To address this issue, the directors of the center have committed to organizing programs to help community members become more active. A key factor in achieving success with this program will be motivating community members to participate in the program. I ...

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