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    Learning Organization

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    Need assistance with assignment. I need to address questions about a learning organization.

    Please define and explain what is a learning organization?
    Please select an organization and Examine your organization. Is it a learning organization? Explain why or why not.
    Explore what factors have enabled it to survive.
    What changes can it implement to ensure its continued existence?

    two pages if possible with references

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    A learning organization is one that encourages the learning of its employees and continuously changes itself. Learning organizations develop because of the turbulent business environment in which businesses operate. The increase of global business has led to a competitive and fast changing business environment. Continuous learning and changing ensures that the learning organization remains competitive in the changing environment (1). The idea behind learning organizations is that these should function more like communities that employees feel committed to. There is an interconnected way of thinking in a learning organization. In a learning organization, there is culture of sharing information. Secrets are avoided and data is available to everyone so that there is a common understanding. For example, information is shared between department and among functions. In a learning organization mistakes or failures are not criticized. The idea is that not criticizing failures actually encourages creativity and ...

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    The answer to this problem explains a learning organization and illustrates an example. The references related to the answer are also included.