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    Leading Organizational Change

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    I have been assigned the following task and need help please:

    Imagine that you are the CEO of the failed organization before the business failure took place. You now have the opportunity to lead the organization in a change process to prevent the impending failure.

    Identify the most vital areas for change.

    Identify the potential barriers you will face during the change process.

    Evaluate the power and political issues within the organization and describe how you will address these issues.

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    One of the most vital areas for change will be the management or leadership within the organization, and with the exception of my position there will be changes made in respect to departmental management within the organization. I will first seek to identify the areas that are most underperforming within the organization, in order to ascertain the leadership changes that will be needed within those areas. A second vital area for change will be the operational methodology that the organization utilizes in accomplishing its objectives. Another vital area for ...