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    Internet Recruiting and Growth of Internet

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    The rate of growth of the Internet is astounding. The reasons for this go far beyond reduced costs and on the downside, there is some concern about missing people who don't regularly use the Internet. Like every tool, the Internet has its strengths and limitations and it is important for us to understand both.

    Respond to the following:

    • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Internet recruiting and job search strategies. Consider the following points as you prepare your postings.
    º Discuss the talent pool from which candidates are short-listed.
    º Discuss the accuracy and reliability of candidate information.
    º Discuss Internet recruiting with reference to an industry or profession of interest to you.

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    Many organizations are choosing to use Internet recruiting as a means to cut costs and open up their job postings to a larger audience. One advantage to Internet recruiting is that it reaches a large audience of potential candidates with many skills and experiences. "Online recruiting allows an employer to advertise a vacant position quickly, and often inexpensively" (Joseph, 2013, para 1). One disadvantage is that a high volume of potential candidates applying, it is an ...

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    Internet recruiting and growth of the internet are examined. The advantages and disadvantages of internet recruiting and job search strategies are given. The expert discusses the accuracy and reliability of candidate information.