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    The Integrated Model of Motivation

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    •Analyze the four elements of the integrated model of motivation to determine which element is the most essential to get right when motivating employees. Explain your rationale.

    •Assess your current environment at work (or school) and recommend steps you believe would best motivate workers (or students.) Provide specific examples to support your response.

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    The element that is most essential to get right when motivating employees is the reinforcement element, due to the fact that a reward system seems to be the most efficient and effective methodology by which to motivate individuals to achieve desired outcomes. Of all of the different means by which to motivate individuals, individuals seem to be motivated by reward and punishment as the most practical and effective means by which to ensure that individuals have the proper motivation to give 100% in the achievement of organizational objectives. This essentially means that it is essential for individuals to feel that they were received ...

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    The integrated model of motivation is provided. The current environment at work and recommend steps are provided.