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    Important Factors in Quality Management

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    Quality can have many different meanings and definitions, depending on the subject matter that is being discussed. After investigating the many facets of quality, respond to the following:
    •Define quality in terms of what it means for a product to have high quality.
    •Define quality in terms of what a customer's perception of a product might be.
    •Define quality in terms of what a user's perception of a service might be.
    •Explain how quality should be consistent with the strategy being pursued by an organization.
    •Select a business of some type and describe what quality would mean to that business and, if possible, how quality could be measured in such a business

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    In respect to a product, quality can be defined as the amount of time that a given product can function effectively, as well as the ability of a product to meet the highest standards in being able to be utilized in the manner in which it was developed for, and marketed. Quality would also include the ability of a product to continue to be utilized or to function in a highly efficient and effective manner under harsh environmental and utilization conditions. In essence, the better that a product is able to perform or be utilized, and the longer that ...

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