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Importance of Policies

How important do you think policies are? Aren't policies there to protect the incompetent more than direct the competent? Are major successes achieve through following policy?

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Policies are standardized rules that a company establishes. It can be looked at as the "best-practices" that employees should follow in order to achieve maximum success. They have been developed with precision, with a lot of research put into formulating the policies, and each policy was developed for a specific reason. A policy could dictate how to handle a situation, how to deal with clients, how to prepare documents... Policies are constantly being established when a need arises. It is a way to provide standardized instructions to all employees such that everyone follows the same rules, and produces work that is similar in nature.

Policies are used as a guideline for all employees, they ...

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The importance of policies are discussed. The major successes achieved through policies are analyzed.