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    Importance of peer and supervisor support

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    Why are peer support and supervisor support important to the transfer process?

    What is a 'sit in' and what are the conditions necessary for it to be effective?

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    // This paper mainly focuses on the importance of the peer support and the supervisor support in the transfer process. This paper also includes the impacts of trainer observation regarding the trainee in a given situation. Further, it will include the conditions necessary for it to be effective//

    Peer support and supervisor support is essential in the transfer process. Peer support is important in team culture where learning transfer is required. Supervisor support is important in the culture and structure like government agency, where training is required. This support critically determines and helps in the assessment, whether the learners are applying the strategies learned while training in their respective working environment. The support also helps in identifying whether the learners are making the maximum utilization of the available resources in the existing structure. The support is also important because it influences the overall result and output, thereby helping in the ...

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    The Response address the queries posted in 648 words with references.