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    Human Rights Assessment

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    Human Rights have four important characteristics. They are universal, human rights are equal rights, not transferable and human rights are natural rights.

    1. Which one these rights is the most important and why?

    2. Which one these rights causes the most controversy and why?

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    1. Which one these rights is the most important and why?

    In my opinion, the universality characteristic of human rights is the most important. This goes hand-in-hand with human rights events that have been on the news in the past several years. As a greater number of businesses become international companies, it has translated into more businesses hiring foreign workers to run their operations in foreign plants. There was a huge amount of bad press on Nike, the shoe company, a few years back. There were many allegations that basic human rights were ...

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    This solution discusses which of the four basic human rights characteristics is the most important. This solution also explains which of these rights can cause the most controversy. A thorough discussion in regards to both issues is presented.