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    Reebok Human Rights Ethics Case

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    I. Define the ethical problem
    A. What is the situation? (Identify what you actually know about the situation from reading the case; state the facts)
    There have been stark violations of human rights in Reebok's operation in China and Asian Factories.
    The working conditions were inhuman.
    The non-discrimination policy was being violated and women were being employed in large numbers and being exploited.
    Accommodation to married couples was not being provided leading to suicides and mental distress.
    The labor union organization and management was unsatisfactory and led to the belief that the election was rigged by the management.
    B. Identify the key people in the case study and why they are important.
    II. Data analysis
    A. What issues are at stake? (Identify issues in the cases that link to course content covered in the readings.
    The issues at stake are:
    Is Reebok absolved of ethical responsibilities if the violations are carried out by the subcontractors.
    Should Reebok play an active role in organizing elections for the unions?
    What are the steps for reducing the working hours of workers to internationally acceptable standards.
    What action should Reebok take to ensure that the workers are not exposed to toxic fumes?
    The role of Reebok in the future elections of unions.
    B. What information do you have? What information do you still need? Where/how can you find it? (Identify the information you have. Identify what information is potentially missing. State your assumptions about why the information is important. State your strategy for retrieving the information)
    We know that Reebok held elections. We also know that an independent person was elected the union leader. However, what we don't know is he effect the exercise this had on the working conditions of workers. Are the workers not exposed now to toxic fumes. We can find this by primary data collection and ascertaining the working conditions.
    We know that Reebok has a policy of paying the legal minimum wage. We also know that several contractors pay a much lower wage. However, what we don't know is if there ...

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