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How Management Education Prepares a Manager

How does management education prepare a manager for his/her role? What are the ways which management education occurs? Do some seem better to you than others? Why or why not? Can other forms of training substitute for management education? Why or why not?

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This response gives a detailed analysis of the management education and its significance in the functions and operations of manager. Management education plays a major role in the success or failure of the management functions and strategies. Management education is of various types and based on the conceptual methods of management field such as training, recruiting, selection, strategy formulation, planning, organizing, directing and controlling, which assist the managers to critically analyze the situation and formulate competent and promising strategies.

Role of management education

Management education prepares managers for strengthening his or her role in the administration of the managerial functions in an ...

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The response explains the value of management training as well as methods for it in the style of a short essay. 2 APA references and 412 words.