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    How does the external environment influence organization design for Best Snacks?

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    How does the external environment influence organization design? Using your experience and the Best Snacks scenario, how does the decision to enter an entirely new market affect the design decisions you as a manager make?

    What is the relationship among organizational design and structure, technology, and talent management? Using your experience and the Best Snacks scenario what are the key contributing factors dealing with talent management and how do you retain talent to include what type of systems must be in place to include measurements and communications systems?

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    I think the external environment plays a large role in organizational design. As we saw in the case study, market conditions affected how the distribution channel was set up (to compete for shelf space), and how the packaging was created (in order to be eye-catching and standout from many other products). This is fairly sound business standpoint. You should design your organization so it can best compete in the external market. Problems arise, however, when you decide to do something that is fundamentally different, as Best Snacks did. I personally would recommend that Best Snacks split off the Healthy ...

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    This solution discusses the role that organizational culture plays in the organization and the relationship between design, technology and talent in 413 words.