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Healthcare Organization for a Non-Profit Hospital

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1. Summarize the organization structure of a typical non-profit hospital.

2. Key historical impacts upon the development of a non-profit hospital in the last 5 to ten years.

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The 400 word solution provides a good overview of the organizational structure of a typical non-profit hospital. This is the actual organization in Kaiser Permanente.

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The question has asked for the organizational structure and historical facts (recent) which have affected the hospital. I have selected Kaiser Permanente because you can access more facts about it easily from the website.

There are some assumptions, which the question makes; first there is no typical nonprofit organization. This may be true in case of profit making companies, but in case of nonprofit organization each organization is unique because it depends on the objectives with which the hospital has been established. Second, the question presupposes that there are 'historic' incidents, which have affected the hospital, please note that the 'historic' incidents in ...

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