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Technology and tracking

How can information technology help track, measure and adjust control oriented information in a healthcare organization?

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Information Technology in a healthcare organization
☼ IT helps track the payments from patients.
☼ IT helps track the insurance companies from whom payments are due.
☼ IT helps track the suppliers from whom materials are due.
☼ Websites helps track the doctors whose presence and time is required in clinics and Operation Theaters.
☼ Websites help track the availability of external doctors, paramedical staff and the operation theaters.
☼ Software helps track the paying and non paying patients in a not for profit organization.
☼ Computer software help to keep account of the doctors time, personnel time and other personnel resources wasted because of non matching of time and patients.
☼ Computer evaluation helps to keep information on the level of services provided.
☼ Computer based contracts with senior doctors and ...

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The solution looks at technology and tracking to measure and adjust control oriented information in a healthcare organization.