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    Generational Work force: The Xers

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    Need help in preparing a paper about generational work forces.

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    Now, let us discuss the Generation X or Xers.

    Generation X employees tend to be less motivated by promises of overtime pay and more motivated by personal satisfaction with their jobs. They want to grow in their jobs and learn new skills. They will change jobs often as they seek jobs that offer them both better benefits and more opportunity for professional growth as well as personal fulfillment. Therefore, organizations should strive to provide opportunities for personal growth and advancement, so that Xers remain happy, satisfied and loyal towards the organization.

    Generation X employees want, and expect, their employers to hear what they have to say. They want to understand the "big picture" for the company and how this influences their employment and growth. They are creative thinkers, independent; results oriented and bring with them a healthy dose of skepticism.

    Xers prefer informal atmospheres. Therefore, organizations should strive to provide casual, flexible work environments to such group to keep them motivated and happy. Organizations should encourage creativity and innovation at the workplace and allow Xers to unleash their creative potential.

    Xers want freedom and autonomy. Further, they prioritize work life balance. ...

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    Need help in preparing a paper about generational work forces.