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    General purpose reloadable cards

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    From Coins to Big Bucks: The Evolution of General-Purpose Reloadable Prepaid Cards

    The article, From coins to big bucks: The evolution of general purpose reloadable prepaid cards was written by Jeannette N. Bennett in April 2015.
    The article traces evolution of prepaid cards with the pay phones. The author has given good explanation of General purpose reloadable prepaid cards and rightly identified the target market for the same. Although the article has all the information which go in favor of general purpose reloadable prepaid cards, the author seems biased in favor of these cards and fails to consider drawbacks of using these cards.
    Summary of Article
    Given the weaknesses inherent in payphones prepaid phone cards were invented. The prepaid card idea then rapidly expanded to include merchant-specific cards and was called private-label prepaid cards. These have particular merchant, which issued the card, tied to it, i.e. the user of the prepaid card can use it only at that particular merchant. There are different types of prepaid cards. The most popular amongst them is the general purpose reloadable prepaid card (GPR). Anyone can purchase GPR prepaid card from ...

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    The expert examines general purposes for re-loadable cards.