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    A Formal Report: How to Run Successful Meetings

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    Develop a thesis and an outline for a formal report about "how to run successful meetings". I also need to identify my audience and establish why this would be useful information for them. Resources for research would be helpful.

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    I have provided a sample thesis in the first paragraph. I have also supplied the outline of a paper in paragraph format for you to use to guide you through writing the paper. I provided several good references. he book, How to Make Meetings Work is an excellent resource.

    Meetings are a fact of life for many people. Also a fact is that meetings are often boring, time consuming and unproductive. Meetings do not meet the needs of the people or the organization. However, meetings can be successful and this paper intends to point out ways to accomplish running a successful meeting.

    For many people, meetings are a part of life. They have to attend meetings at work. People who serve on boards, commissions, committees or who belong to organizations or participate in ...

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    The solution provides a formal report on how to run successful meetings.