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ETEC Case Study Evaluation

1. Read attached document summarizing various points of the case entitled ETEC. In a 300-400 word, APA formatted paper, discuss the lessons learned from the challenges of this unique company and apply them to your own business. The challenges and unique products may seem distant from your own organization, but as you read the overview, consider the principles of global development strategies that you can acquire from their experience.
2. Post the paper via Submit Assignments.

My current job is a Product Manager at Cook Medical, a medical device manufacturer who is focused on a global approach to making quality products for healthcare professionals and patients.


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The company that I work for is Cook Medical. The company is focused on medical research and worldwide sales of products for endovascular therapy, critical care medicine, general surgery, diagnostic and interventional procedures, bio-engineered tissue replacement and regeneration, gastroenterology and endoscopy procedures, urology, and obstetrics, and gynecology. In short Cook Medical is medical device manufacturer who is focused on global approach to making products for healthcare professionals and patients (Cook Medical 2011),.
Cook Medical has to market products related to endovascular therapy and diagnostic procedures, and other medical devices on a global scale. It can learn a number of lessons from Enforcement Technology. The point is Cook Medical also has to deal with hospitals that are run by government agencies or municipalities. . Further, just as Enforcement Technology markets its ...

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