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Enterprise and customer service

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I need help in writing a 10 page case on enterprise with charts, graphs etc.

questions are
is customer satisfaction still a problem at enterprise? if so how would you improve it?

which issue on page c-341 is the most important issue and why?

i need it in 3 days and 50 credits if you could help

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A basic review of Enterprise and car rental complaints and how to address the problems with customer service.

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I will begin the process here and update it as information is provided. That way you can begin to work on the assignment as well. I cannot write your essay for you, but can give you some help and guidance on references and the problems of the company in terms of customer service.

According to the company website, Enterprise.com, the company is customer service focused and promotes employees based on customer service ability. The company performs monthly surveys with customers to find out how customer service is handled and how effective it is. This looks like an excellent way of promoting customer care. However, the company's complaints, found online, tell a different story.
Enterprise with its holdings of other rental car agencies, is easily the largest of the industry. Sales and fleet sizes are large (http://www.autorentalnews.com/fileviewer/1651.aspx).
The problem is not only with the front line people who handle sales or rental services. Often the background people, the follow up to renting, are not given the same training if the complaints are anything to go by. In fact, the performance and actions of people at Enterprise are more likely to seem a fraud based company. This inability to resolve issues and problems has damaged the company reputation.

Complaints are employees stealing forgotten items in returned cars, to charges that are over what the renter originally agreed to, to extra charges for damage to vehicles. These are not resolved to customer satisfaction. The company features even regular or long-term customers with problems. Corporate clients, such as dealerships who use Enterprise or one of its holdings such as Alamo, have problems with these same outcomes. False claims for damages appears to be a major issue.

Without the ability of consumers to verify, negotiate, or have any say in the process that determines if a charge is valid, then the company ...

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