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Professional Development Plan: Your portion of the plan will incorporate the Task analysis only (no plagiarism or copying from websites).

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Professional Development Plan - Job Task Analysis
Task analysis needs to be done to know what training employees need for a particular job. All the phases of the Professional Development Plan are important with that respect, but this one in particular. In order for the employee to be fully competent, he or she needs to have training to be fully successful in what job is being performed. Remember, if the employees are successful, then the company takes the lead in its industry.

The best way to start task analysis is to come up with a series of job-related questions in order to be uniform and find out the information in an analytical way. These questions would include ones like the following:
1) What responsibilities and duties need to be performed with this job?
2) What jobs must be completed?
3) For the jobs, what tools or materials are necessary to complete the jobs?
4) Are there any items utilized in the process of doing the job that need instructions given on how to operate the items?
5) Are there any safety issues ...

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