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Emergency Plan

A hypothetical utility company has two facilities that are virtually identical. They are nuclear power plants and one is located in California and the second one in Florida. Both facilities are in the vicinity of a small city and close to shore.
With the support of the CEO, the safety director of this company is developing Emergency Plans for these two facilities.

1. Please describe what differences and what similarities the Emergency Plans (that the safety director is working on) would have between the two facilities in California and Florida. Please explain in in detail and thoroughly in complete sentences and paragraph form.

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In both the locations, the emergency plan would outline the basic steps or procedures that people must follow in the event of any mishap or accident or emergency situation. The emergency plan in both the locations would also include steps to protect the nearby population and water bodies. Further, it would include the basic precautions and guidelines that ...

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Discusses similarities and differences in emergency plans of two facilities.