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    Elections and campaigns influence public values and ideas

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    1- Besides elections and campaigns, do the major political parties influence public values and ideas? Do you think their level of influence is appropriate? Why?

    2- Describe an issue you support that is an issue for a major political party. In what ways do your interests and the party's interests align on the issue?

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    Major political parties' influence on public values and ideas and corresponding level of influence

    Public values include their principles, standards, morals, and ethical concerns. These are shaped, developed, and nurtured over time. Some values have been inherent in some people and have been in them for quite a long time such that any attempt of anyone to unduly change or modify them is tantamount to committing a sin not only to them as individuals but most importantly, as parts of their respective families, as members of organizations where they belong, and as members of their communities.

    To cite an example, a public view on strong family ties cannot just easily be modified by projects such homes for the elderly, divorce, providing absolute freedom to minors, and several others. A public view on the importance of regular attendance to church activities will always be there no matter how ...

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    Elections and campaign influence public values and ideas are examined. The issues that support an issue for a major political party is described.