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    Economically Just Societies

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    1. Consider you were in a conversation with a co-worker that stated that "the rich keep getting richer, while the poor keep getting poorer".

    2. Address whether or not you agree with their statement. Secondly, provide the definition of an Economically Just Society. Give examples to support your claim.

    3. Name another country that has an Economically Just Society and one that does not. Please cite your references.

    Does the existence of poverty imply that our socioeconomic system is unjust? Does the concentration of poverty in certain groups make it more unjust than it would be otherwise?

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    A Question of Ethics

    "The rich keep getting richer, and the poor keep getting poorer." This is a statement that has floated around for many years, but how much truth can be extracted from it? This observance can be looked at from many different sides, but its relativity is subject to where you are located geographically. In addition, it depends on your idea of an economically just system. The big three economic systems prevalent in the world today are Capitalism, Socialism, and Communism. All of these systems claim to promote economic fairness, but in reality, they all have their downsides.

    Is the Quote Accurate?

    First, my view is that this quote, as it relates to the United States of America, is inaccurate. The fact is that the economy of the United States has facilitated a need for corporate bailouts, layoffs, and a reorganization of job qualification, which in turn has fueled a recession that has kept money out of the hands of the poor (Lefcourt, 2011). Yet, the truth remains there are many individuals who have risen from the depths of poverty to become very wealthy individuals. "Some of the most famous and wealthy people did not come from rich families many of them were born into poverty" (Deane, 2010).

    One of the reasons many immigrants come to the United States ...

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    This 823 Word solution on economically just societies is complete with 4 references that tie the material together. It covers the truthfulness of the old adage, "The rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer." It provides a definition of economically just societies with examples, and looks at countries that both have and do not have such societies. Finally, the solution looks at the concentration of poverty and economic justice.