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    Dynamic Managers

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    One "skill" that has been mentioned several times during this course is the need for us to be "flexible" in dealing with day-to-day operations.

    But, as a general rule, most of us prefer structure and order in our daily tasks - and we are not happy when someone we depend on tends to be "flexible."

    How to we balance these to opposing facts, and what does it mean to be a dynamic manager?

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    Being flexible and being open to change are very similar. Although most of us like to believe we are easy going and adaptable, in truth most of us prefer to have a set method of doing things, and do not appreciate surprises or changes. That said, life and work are dynamic and those who ...

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    This solution explains how a dynamic manager can balance the desire for structure and order with the need for us to be flexibe in day to day operations. Examples and APA references are included.