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    Decision making, good and bad

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    Can someone please provide some assistance with a question. It is for Quantitative Analysis MBA course. It needs to be between 450 and 550 words or more. I've had this posted for a few days but no one is picking it up, really need some help, please. Give an example of a good decision that YOU made that resulted in a bad outcome, Also give an example of a bad decision that YOU made that had a good outcome? Why was each decision good or bad? Why sometimes good decisions may lead to bad outcomes and vice versa? Please specify the criteria YOU used in making these decision. The example does not have to be job related it could be anything. You need to specify one of the decision criteria on Slide 3-11 or the utility criterion on Slide 3-71 (slide numbers at bottom of each slide right hand side) and explained how YOU applied it to your specific example.) Thank you so much in advance for all your help. I really appreciate it. If you can help me please sign off/out on it so that I know. I am getting a bit stressed as its due soon. Thank you again!

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    Good decision
    I pursued and applied for a teaching certification in Social Sciences, my overall field. I have acquired more hours in social science classes and have written more papers in the field than in my other peripheral fields of business and literature. I considered the English certification, but have no speech or public speaking classes that would force me to either go back and take classes or take a test which would add more than double to the cost of the certification. I do not have to test to receive the social science certification. (As a side note, I also have certification to teach business classes, 6-12.)
    I applied for the certification, paid the fee, and was quickly certified because I have classroom experience as a professor, tutor, graduate assistant teaching and as a teacher in grades 5-graduate school. Despite having more than 5 years total experience in the classroom at various levels, some taught at the same time (e.g. teaching 8th grade social science and economics at the college level in the same term) I have not had any luck finding a teaching ...

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    Examples of a good decision with bad outcomes and bad decision with good outcomes.