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    Covered California Website: Navigating the Site

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    Browse the California Health Insurance Exchange Website, Covered CA: http://www.coveredca.com/.

    States are supposed to make these websites user friendly. Do you think this website is appropriate for a person who reads at the eighth-grade level (the typical public health standard)? If yes, why? If not, how do you think this can be improved to help people select the best insurance option for them? Compare and contrast their website to your state's website. (If your state is CA, choose another state for comparison.)

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    I visited Covered California and was surprised with the simple, easy to navigate appearance of the website. I liked that I could click on "Find Local Help" and be directed to different locations nearby for face-to-face help. The main question I think a visitor would want to know would be concerning coverage: what will health care cost, what services are provided, and how to sign up. To find this information, I clicked on the box "Shop and Compare" which seems an obtuse name. The process would be easier to start if there was an option that stated, "Sign Up for Health Care."

    After clicking on the different options in the center and lower half of the page, I noticed the options on the top ribbon: explore, preview, apply, and get help. Each option seemed to provide a lot of verbiage, so much, in fact, that I found it overwhelming. If I were searching for health care, I would be more interested in bullet points and direct information than wading through extraneous information. One exception was the "Preview Health Plan" option. The format involves simple questions and answers, with interactive options to help choose the best plan in a graphic ...

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    This detailed solution reviews the Covered California website and discusses the ease of navigating the site for someone with an eighth grade reading level. It suggests improvements. It also compares and contrasts the site to the Nevada state health insurance program and the federal government's website. APA formatted references are included.