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    Create a six- to eight-page corporate policy to foster creative thinking in a real-world organization.
    The policy must include the following components:
    · Clearly identify the organization and target audience the plan is written for.
    · Create sections based on the work activities that contribute to the overall corporate culture. The sections should be tailored to your specific organization and your target audience.
    · Include specific procedures that will facilitative a creative work environment. Describe detailed procedures using a format that is easy to follow.
    · Add any templates or worksheets that might be helpful for the leaders to use when implementing the policy.
    · Use text enhancements and visuals for emphasis and for clarity. In addition to basic enhancements, such as bold, underline, italics, caps, font/font size, and color-coding, you can include graphs, illustrations, or other visual elements.
    Ensure that you do not plagiarize by using content from existing policies. Cite and reference any paraphrased or quoted material.

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    About the Company
    Samsung is a South Korean multinational company in the electronics domain, headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. There are many subsidiaries and businesses that are operated under the Samsung brand and make Samsung the largest South Korean Chaebol. Of the subsidiaries, the most notable one is Samsung Electronics. In 1990s Samsung was actively organizing its activities around the globe; which included mobile phones, and semiconductors.
    The company is in the production of electronics products. It operates in three business divisions: consumer electronics (CE) division, which involves in the color televisions (CTVs), monitors, printers, air conditioners, refrigerators, laundry machines and others; information technology & mobile communications (IM) division, which involves in the production of computers, handhold phones (HHPs), network systems, digital cameras and others, as well as device solutions (DM) division, which is divided into semiconductor and display business parts, providing dynamic random access memories (DRAMs), flashes, thin film transistor-liquid crystal displays (TFT-LCDs) and others (Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, n.d).
    Since 2008, with the collapse of US economy, companies came in an age of competition where legal restrictions are vanishing and barriers are disappearing. To compete in the global markets companies need to come up with innovative strategies and carry out management practices that are not restrictive and discriminatory. Under the leadership of Chairman Lee, Samsung transformed from being a low cost manufacturer to a world class performer with a strong brand value offering premium products.
    Importance of Creativity in Work Environment
    There was a time when creativity was limited to certain genre of professions, like artists. However, to cultivate unique brand personality, businesses across the world have realized the importance of creativity in everyday business. It has been fueled by the need to produce products that distinguishes itself from competitors at a time when it is hard to create those differences. Creativity in innovation and marketing are pretty common in today's business context. It is important to realize that innovation is not an inherent phenomenon in any organization. It requires promoting divergent levels of thinking through effective strategies and frameworks. For example, innovation can be fostered by promoting open exchange of ideas in an organization, by inspiring and by motivating employees. Creativity is not an individual phenomenon rather it is a result of interaction of individuals ...

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