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Consultant's Role

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I'm just trying to incorporate the instructors comments from a previous assignment.
The comment below was made from last week's assignments. I want to ensure that I have incorporated the instructors comments into this weeks assignment.
The attached assignment on the power corruption cycle needs to be editted.

Comments from instructor:

You need to show a broader perspective (as consultants). Show how you are a consultant and devise a strategy in delaing with the implications of the "Power Corruption Cycle" and present your suggested alternatives, to give this situation more than just one solution.

Also, the framework for your responses is expected to be that of a consultant, many of the consult the attributes are not clearly evident in your narratives.

How are your responses current, relevant, and insightful to your client?
Other than the more obvious solutions to this scenario, are you able to craft a more innovative approach?

1. My question is can you proof read and edit the attached assignment for this week. and incorporate the comments above.

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