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    Comparison of Environmental Policies

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    SELECT ANY TWO COMPANIES. Which of two companies has the most responsible environmental policies? Compare and contrast the companies.

    There are two parts you must complete for this unit:

    Part 1: Select your topic and research the topic to ensure there is enough information to support your paper. Read through the research links you have developed. list your research links , with a brief description of what the link is and how it applies to the group project. These links will then be compiled onto one reference list as noted below.

    Part 2: Develop the visual component of your report (taken from the data found in your research). Begin to develop your preliminary conclusions and recommendations based upon your research.

    Combine both Parts 1 and 2 as follows: Create a sentence that identifies your chosen topic and prepare from your discussion on the small group discussion board your preliminary conclusions and recommendations section. Discuss how you will support your conclusions and recommendations in the text of the paper. Include in this assignment your visuals and a Reference List with your research links.

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    STEP 1
    The two companies are EXXON VALDEZ and HONDA.

    STEP 2

    Honda has the more responsible environmental policies:

    Honda has strived to develop new cars that are environmentally friendly. It has developed cars for fuel effectiveness and reducing discharge. It has developed several hybrid cars that are government certified fuel-cell car. It has used innovation to reduce emissions. It has developed and is selling hydrogen fuel-cell cars. It has taken initiatives to reduce pollution and has received awards like Best Fuel Economy honor from Kiplinger's in 2006, Accord Hybrid Sedan was given Kiplinger's Best Fuel Economy and Insight was given Highest EPA Economy Rating in 2004.

    Honda plants meet the international environmental management standards (ISO 14001), the company strives towards developing hydrogen fuel cell power, and has established a Home Energy Station that generates hydrogen from natural gas for use in fuel cell vehicles.

    Exxon Valdez has shown less responsible environmental policies:

    Exxon Valdez is responsible for one of the worst oil spills that have occurred on earth. This ...

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