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Community and Business

Hi, I need assistance discussing these questions. I am not too sure where to begin. List what the Community and Business need/want from each other. Discuss if you agree or not with this arrangement. Also, how do public relations departments influence public opinion and should government regulation be involved?

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Business strives to connect with their consumers by not only serving them with quality products and services, but to demonstrate care to community needs. Communities strive for business to provide a positive benefit within the immediate area and refrain from a negative output that stagnates growth. The two entities both want something from each other those results satisfactory results. Otherwise, the outcome will lead to negative connotations or perceptions on either party that can lead to nonproductive communications or even stop progress to reaching each goal.

Depending on the company and location of the community below are good examples to listing what is needed, wanted, or expected:
Business expectations

1. Employable talent in the immediate area that can be sufficiently trained, dependable, and reliable.

2. Fair employee laws, regulations, excess taxes to conduct business ...

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