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    Cameron Balloon's business process and virtual simulation

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    As you recall, we are using a common basic format for most of the project assignments in all modules—that is, simulations.

    For our final excursion into simulation, we'll try something a bit different—it's less a game than a fairly complex look into a real enterprise. You have considerable latitude as to what parts of the exercise you want to follow up on—just be sure to do something with it!

    From the introduction to the simulation:
    - The Cameron Balloons Virtual Factory
    - Welcome to the Cameron Balloons virtual factory on biz/ed.co.uk. There are four main sections of the factory:
    i. Factory floor—Here you'll find worksheets, photos, relevant business studies theories, and explanations of each main business function. This section also includes the new Work Flow and Day in the Life features.
    ii. Cameron Balloons—Here is general information about the company, its history, and product range.
    iii. Cost Breakdown—Find out here how much each part of a balloon will cost.
    iv. Glossary—Use this section to get to grips with ballooning jargon. You can click on the glossary icon to find out what a term means.

    Cameron Balloons made the Breitling Orbiter balloon that made aviation history by flying around the world, finishing on March 21, 1999.

    If you wish, you can start your trip around the virtual factory with the virtual tour to see inside the Cameron Balloons factory.

    Also available is a Site Map that gives you an overview of the Virtual Factory. The Teachers' Guide gives information about how to get the best out of the site. We hope you enjoy your trip around the factory.
    Follow up by clicking on the various parts of the simulation, paying particular attention to how operations interacts with other functions of the company.

    When you are finished think about what you have learned about Cameron Balloons in conjunction with this module's readings.

    Then, in 2-3 pages, address the following questions:

    What did you learn about Cameron Balloons' business process?

    Briefly describe the interdependence of Cameron Balloons operations with the other functional areas of the business. Why is understanding this interdependence important and how should it be incorporated into business strategy?

    Briefly describe how incorporating IT solutions could help improve operations.

    What do you now think of computer-based simulations in general as a learning mechanism? Of this one in particular?

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    What did you learn about Cameron Balloons' business process?

    Cameron Balloon's business process appears to be really in sync with the entire company. Each department provides input during the workflow and the customer also gives their input. This concept alone will make and keep the company strong overall because their is a great work ethic between the company and its employees. As an added bonus finding a company that shares a close bond amongst the workers and its own management team is a true rarity. This type of quality is not only uncommon as companies don't usually roll up their sleeves together to complete the day to day assignments when the going gets tough.

Briefly describe the interdependence of Cameron Balloons operations with the other functional areas of the business.

    Within Cameron Balloons each functional area is able to make individual decisions on behalf of the company as a whole. The open door policy of developing new and different ways to operate their jobs more effective and efficiently is what this staff brings to the table in a ...

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    This article provides detail within the business processes for Cameron Balloon's and how their staff has a good interdependence relationship to make them successful.