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Business spreadsheet assignment - excel 2007

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Class Average
On SheetTab 1 - Name: Student Scores - Color: Red
Do the following:
1.        CIS 171 Exam 1 Scores is the title of the worksheet and should be centered across the top of the worksheet, the fill of title should be yellow, The text should be 18 Pt Arial, Row Height should be 25 and enclosed in a border.
2.        All column names should be centered and should have a top and bottom border;
3.     Use the IF statement to put a star in each row where the student's grade is equal to or higher than the class average in the Info Column; The star should be left-aligned within the column;
4.       Use conditional formatting to change the background color of each score that is below 70;
5.         Place the Class Average in the appropriate cell using the correct Excel function.

On SheetTab 2 - Name: Student Stats - Color: Green
Do the following:
6.         Your first and last name should be the title for this worksheet It should be merged and centered across all columns of the worksheet. Your name should be Bold, 18Pt, Times New Roman Italicized; Use Autofit to fit the date in the following format in Row 2: November 1, 2008;
7.        For Average Score, Number of students, Lowest score and Highest score, calculate the number by using the appropriate Excel function.
8.         Format the Score Statistics Column data as a number with 0 decimal places. All data for this column should be centered aligned.
9.       Under the Excel Function column, type the name of the function used in order to obtain that score statistic.
10.         Create a simple Bar Chart that represent s the student exam scores. Chart should be placed on the appropriate sheet and the legend should be located at the top right of the chart.

Sheet 1
CIS 171 Exam 1 Scores First Name Last Name
Name Score Info Score Excel function used
Andrea 98 Average score
Bill 75 Number of students
Chris 62 Lowest score
Dean 81 Highest score
Frank 77
Greg 89
Hannah 78
John 82
Kyle 44
Lucy 96
Rob 80
Sam 79
Sarah 75
Ty 88

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