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    Business in Bunge Case Characteristics

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    Using the case "Bunge: Poised for Growth" (David E. Bell and Mary Shelman) please assist with the following:

    • What business is Bunge in?
    • What are some of the characteristics or Key Success Factors associated with that business?
    • How would you describe Bunge's unique business model and value chain?
    • What are Bunge's primary activities or revenue sources? Are those the right ones? Please explain.

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    • What business is Bunge in?

    In reference to the industry that Bunge operates within, they operate within the agriculture industry as an agribusiness and food conglemorate that has operations across the entire globe. The company has a vertically integrated model that is necessitated in the globalized 21st century market as well as three sectors that entail producing, agricultural input operations, and agricultural output firms. Therefore, the company has been able to rely upon its ability to incorporate all three of these sectors into an operational model that stretches its influence throughout the entire world beginning with farmers who produce the grains, importers and exporters who buy and sell the grains, and finally consumers who purchase these grains. Throughout this entire transition by the company, it has been froced to endure and adapt to nature and natural disasters, weather conditions, shifting consumer demographics and choices, and shifts in global supply and demand for their products.


    • What are some of the characteristics or Key Success Factors associated with that business?

    According to the person responsible for shaping the company's global transition ...

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    Poised for growth for Bunge is analyzed. The characteristics or key success factors associated with that business is determined.