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    Benefits/Drawbacks of Long Selection Process

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    Some organizations set up a selection process that is long and complex. In some people's opinion, this kind of selection process is not only more valid but also has symbolic value. In your post, address the following questions:

    What can the use of a long complex selection process symbolize to job seekers?
    How do you think this would affect the organization's ability to attract the best employees?

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    The use of a long, complex selection process may symbolize an effort by the company to find a certain type of employee with qualities that fit well within the corporate culture. It may signal to prospective employees that the company is choosing only the very best employees and, should he or she be selected, then the individual would be a good match and extremely fortunate. An example is Google. They are notorious for ...

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    This solution addresses the benefits and drawbacks of a long selection process for organizations, and how it impacts organizations' ability to get quality people.