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    Balancing Organizational Team Needs with Individual Needs

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    Hello, this is a short discussion, and I need some assistance, the request is shown as following:
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    3. The subject is related TQM (total quality management)

    There is no doubt that teamwork is an important element of TQM. At the same time individual needs should not be ignored in favor of team needs. I have often encountered situations where team needs are met at the expense of individual needs. From my experience, this can be detrimental to organizational performance.

    How would you recommend an organization should go about striking a balance between individual and team needs especially as they relate to training and development?

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    I would recommend that an organization go about striking a balance between individual and team needs, by conducting individual assessments of the capabilities and areas that need improvement of each team member, as well as an assessment of the team's strengths and weaknesses as a unit. After these assessments have been conducted, it would be important to first ...

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    This solution describes key aspects of balancing team needs with individual needs, within an organization.